General Terms and Conditions of the 5th International Conference on Research in Gestalt Therapy

1. Organizers and venue:
The congress is organized by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT), the German Association for Gestalt Therapy e.V. (DVG e.V.) and the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT), hereinafter referred to as the organizers.

The congress takes place from September 24th to 26th, 2021 in Hamburg.

2. Scope of the GTC:
The basis of the cooperation between the organizers and the congress participants are the following general terms and conditions, with which the congress participant declares his or her consent to register for the congress. These apply to all services of the organizers, unless something else has been explicitly agreed in writing.

With the conclusion of the contract, the congress participant accepts the terms and conditions. In addition to the general terms and conditions of the organizers, he / she also expressly recognizes the general terms and conditions and other regulations of the external service providers with regard to safety-related regulations, exclusions of liability based on the special nature of the offer as well as house and usage regulations, so that these form part of the Contract between the congress participant and the organizers.

Deviating agreements with the congress participant only apply if they have been confirmed in writing by the organizers.

3. Privacy:
a. The organizers undertake to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act, as well as to treat information – of whatever kind – about the participant and / or the business and company internal of the congress participant as confidential.You can find the current EU data protection guidelines under the following link:

b. Media created at the congress (especially visual and audio material) from lectures, workshops, the panel discussions and the participants may be used for documentation by the organizers and also made accessible to third parties for private use.Public demonstration, rental, broadcasting and reproduction are not permitted. Failure to do so will result in claims for damages and criminal consequences.

4. Services, terms of payment:
a. The organizers perform the services expressly mentioned in the congress description.
b. Slight deviations are possible, such as the exchange of one workshop for another or the relocation of the congress to another location in the same regional area.This also includes the holding of the conference as an online conference in the event of force majeure that does not permit a presence event.
c. The congress participant is not entitled to services that are not expressly listed in the congress description, especially not for arrival and departure as well as accommodation.
d. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the organizers and the congress participant, the congress fee is due immediately after registration.

5. Graduation and prices:
a. The staggering of prices can be found in the congress description.
b. For the staggered participation fees of the organizers, the participation fees are due no later than five days after the last day of the period in which the reduced participation fee is offered. After that, the then valid participation fee is due. The decisive point in time is the receipt of payment.
c. If the congress participant does not pay the participation fee due by the start of the congress, the organizers are entitled to exclude them or the respective substitute participants from the congress. The participation fee is nevertheless to be paid in full to the organizers.

6. Contract:
a. Registration takes place exclusively on the homepage of the
b. Incoming online registrations via the Internet do not require an electronic signature or electronic signature. The registration creates a legally valid contract.
c. Registration for the individual workshops takes place before the congress. Due to the limited number of participants in the lectures and workshops, participation in a specific lecture / workshop cannot be guaranteed.
d. The organizers are entitled to refuse registration for the congress without giving reasons.

7. Cancellation of participation by the congress participant:
a. The full conference fee is due upon confirmation of registration.
b. Any cancellation of the registration must be made in writing. In case of cancellation by March 31st, 2022, the full amount will be refunded. For cancellations after March 21st, 2022 we charge a processing fee of € 20.For cancellations after June 30th, 2022 half of the participation fee will be charged.In case of cancellation after August 01st,2022 or no-show, the full amount will be charged. The congress participant is given the opportunity to send a replacement participant to the congress without incurring additional fees.

8. Cancellation by the organizer:
a. If the number of registrations is too low and in cases of force majeure, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the congress or hold it as an online meeting. If the number of participants is too small, the congress participant will receive notification at least 7 weeks before the start of the congress, in cases of force majeure as soon as possible. Payments already made will be refunded as soon as possible.
b. Force majeure within the meaning of this regulation includes – but is not limited to – labor law disputes, contractual violations by external service providers, subcontractors and agents, illness, accident, earthquakes, fire, flooding, acts of war, embargo, riots, Pandemics  and other circumstances that are outside of the the organizers have reasonable influence and prevent them from fulfilling their contractual obligations.
c. Claims of the congress participant for compensation or reimbursement of expenses incurred or further claims of the congress participant are fundamentally excluded, unless the organizers or their vicarious agents are guilty of willful intent or gross negligence or it is due to the lack of an assured property or a legally binding obligation that is decisive for the achievement of the entire purpose of the contract.

9. Warranty and liability:
a. If any deficiencies in the service provided by the organizers are due to the fact that the congress participant (s) did not, not fully and / or in good time fulfill participation obligations in accordance with the congress description, the organizers are not liable.
b. The organizers are only liable for damage to the congress participant insofar as they are guilty of willful intent or gross negligence or insofar as they are legally or legally liable due to the lack of a guaranteed property or an obligation that is decisive for the achievement of the entire contractual purpose. This also applies to a possible liability due to fault at the conclusion of the contract, incorrect advice or instruction or due to violation of ancillary contractual obligations or for liability due to unlawful acts.
c. The liability of the organizers in commercial transactions is in any case limited to the damage that typically arises in legal transactions of the present type.d. The beginning and end of the limitation period and the limitation period are based on the statutory regulations.

10. Final provisions:
a. The parties agree to the written form for additional agreements, contract supplements and contract changes.
b. The contractual relationship between the organizers and the congress participant is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
c. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising in connection with this contract is Berlin.
d. Should individual provisions of this contract be or become ineffective in whole or in part or if they cannot be carried out, the effectiveness of the contract will not be affected. In this case, the parties agree to replace the ineffective or unenforceable provision with an effective one that achieves the economic purpose pursued with it as far as possible.e. The addresses of the organizers are:DVG e.V. Grünberger Str. 14, 10243 Berlin, Tel. 030 740 78 284EAGT Office, Skulebakken 22, 3760 Neslandsvatn, Norway, Tel. 0047 958 39 146

AAGT: P.O. Box 1978, Muncie, IN 47308, Tel. 001- 971-238-AAGT (2248)