The future of Gestalt therapy is uncertain. Scientific recognition, recognition as a psychotherapeutic method, integration into the state health care system: questions that are answered differently in countries across the world. What is missing in order to give Gestalt therapy the place it deserves in the field of psychotherapy is, among other things, research on the effectiveness of Gestalt therapy. Especially in Germany, research on Gestalt Therapy is not very pronounced due to a lack of university connections.

This conference aims to promote and bring together international research on Gestalt therapy.


Call for papers


“Gestalt for Future – Creating a network for research”

09/24 – 09/26/2021 in Hamburg

In November 2018, the German Association for Gestalt Therapy (DVG) was asked by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) whether the DVG would organize the 5th International Research Conference for Gestalt Therapy in Germany. The DVG has agreed with joy to take on this task.

After four successful conferences in Cape Cod (1st and 2nd), Paris and Santiago, we are glad to contribute to the development in Gestalt research. As these proceeding conferences showed, the time has come to make forceful efforts in the setting up of an effective international network, where Gestalt researchers from all over the world have the possibility to get in contact and to work together.

And there is a need to compare and discuss the status of research and its resources in the different countries which are involved and the culture of the research communities in these countries.

Not at least it would be a success if Gestalt practitioners could gain more knowledge about research. Gestalt therapists who are interested in research and who do not (yet) dare to do their own research will be addressed. They will find an opportunity to inform and exchange information.

Conference Themes

  1. Coordinating and organizing an effective international Gestalt therapy research network
  1. Comparing differences in the tradition, situation, resources and standards in the participating countries
  1. Research areas and topics in Gestalt (e.g., therapy, coaching, organizational development, training/supervision, community work)
  1. Effectiveness research for Gestalt therapy (e.g., different methodologies, how to process)
  1. Practionners and Research: Towards a Mutual Improvement
  1. Research as part of training programs (e.g., ways to train on research, training competences regarding research)
  1. Impulses for young researchers